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5 Culture Magazines Covering Africa and Black Diaspora’s Burgeoning Creative Ecosystem

The Native Mag

The Native Mag describes itself as the magazine that “covers the music, art and style of tomorrow: today.” Publishing four print editions annually, The Native seeks to reshape the face of popular culture by facilitating the intersection of underground and mainstream discussions and bridging the cultural gap between locals and the diaspora.


Nataal is a coffee table magazine celebrating creativity from Africa and beyond. It celebrates contemporary African culture, whether it be through fashion, visual arts or music. 


Prazzle is a media company aimed at extolling the youth. The company’s goal is to give every creative, thriving and hardworking youth the opportunity to shine, be seen and heard through their craft cutting across the industries of fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle, travel and visual art.

The Moveee

The Moveee is an online and print culture magazine covering the visual and performing arts, literature, and contemporary culture of the African and Black diasporan population. The magazine’s first issue explores African artists’ responses to pertinent sociocultural realities. The magazine’s online version is divided into 3 sections—art, literature, and culture—showcasing the best of African creativity across diverse genres.


GUAP is a youth-led new media platform whose mission is to identify, promote, and support communities and develop, underrepresented creatives. Even though it only began in 2015, GUAP has already established itself as the standard for various new talents and faces in the creative industry. A multifaceted firm with an online magazine, events, creative studios, and an award-nominated in-house creative agency, GUAP started out as the company that created the world’s first magazine—a print publication that used augmented reality to bridge the gap between print and the internet. In October 2022, GUAP held its inaugural Gala.

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